Monday, December 1, 2014

How To: Enjoy Drinks Without Jeopardizing Your Figure

During the holiday season we all love to surround ourselves with family/friends and catch up on the good times. This usually includes a lot of hearty food and of course all of our favorite alcoholic drinks. Unfortunately, alcohol is not our friend when it comes to our fitness goals. Here are a few tips on how to make better choices in order to still enjoy socializing with friends and family during the holidays.

Light vs Dark
When it comes to choosing a hard alcohol, go with lighter kinds such as vodka, gin and whisky. They have far less calories because they are just alcohol in its purest form.

Forget mixers
Mixers are only sugar loaded calorie bombs that can be completely avoided. So skip the sodas, juices, and cocktail mixes and look for diet versions or club soda.

Eat before
Stabilize your blood sugars by eating a healthy meal beforehand. This will not only prevent intoxication but also help you avoid binging on unhealthy food later.

Drink Water
Do yourself a favor and drink lots of water before drinking. This is especially true before you go to bed, so waking up the next day isn’t as brutal.

There is only 1 more month left of 2014, make it the best one yet!

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