Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Best Protein Bar

When we're crunched for time, protein and energy bars are a common go-to meal or snack for a lot of us these days. We've fooled ourselves into thinking that this is a healthy option because the label screams "high protein," but we're sadly mistaken. A majority of nutrition bars, as well as many other so called health products on the market, are simply marketed as being good for you, but they're actually the complete opposite. In order to determine how healthy that 200 calorie breakfast bar you just ate is, you need to dig deeper by looking at the macros and the ingredient list. You'd be surprised about how much sugar can be hiding in the supposedly "healthy" bars.

Lucky for you, your search for the perfect protein bar stops here. Let me introduce to the almighty Quest Bar.

These bad boys are made from high quality, natural ingredients and are packed with tons of protein and fiber. They also have a very low sugar content, which is a huge reason why these tower over other protein bars in regards to nutritional profiles. If you're a stickler for reading ingredients, you'll be pleasantly surprised about short the ingredient list is. These bars are made with only natural and plant based foods, which allows for optimal nutrition. 

Just so you can get a better idea of how Quest bars compare to others protein bars, check out the nutritional labels below. The first one is for a Balance Bar (chocolate peanut butter flavor). The second is for a Quest Bar (chocolate peanut butter flavor). The Quest Bar is a no brainer! It trumps the Balance bar in all the major categories (calories, fat, fiber, protein, and sugar) by a landslide. Additionally, check out how short the ingredient list is compared to the Balance Bar. 



It may seem too good to be true...but it gets better. Quest bars actually taste amazing! These are hands down the best tasting protein bars I've ever had. The cookies & cream flavor is my ultimate favorite, but I've yet to try any flavor that I don't like. Quest Nutrition even has tons of simple recipes that you can make with their bars for tasty treat that allows you to #CheatClean. You can check them all out here

A majority of the other bars on the market are simply glorified candy bars, so I definitely recommend that you give Quest bars a try. They'll keep you full, provide you with some great nutrients, and they taste awesome. 

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