Thursday, June 19, 2014

Clean Eating Snack Ideas

Everyone has their own definition of "clean eating", but it basically means just being conscious of where your food is coming from. It's always good to stray away from processed foods or anything artificially made whenever possible. People who eat clean typically have diets full of fresh fruits and veggies, healthy proteins, and whole grains. According to Clean Eating Magazine, "the soul of clean eating is consuming foods in its most natural state, or as close to it as possible." (To learn more about clean eating, check out their website:

As summer begins, that perfect summer body is something we're all striving for. If you're hungry, it's okay, have a snack! Just make sure it's something healthy and will provide you with some nutrients. So put down the Doritos, put down the Oreos, put down the pint of ice cream, and try some of our favorite clean eating snacks. 

1. Frozen grapes- the perfect substitution when you're craving ice cream
2. Carrots and hummus
3. Greek yogurt topped with fresh berries
4. Fresh fruit and natural nut butter- make sure to avoid the ones with added sugar
5. Air-popped popcorn
6. Handful of nuts- nuts are high in calorie and fat so watch your portions!
7. Kale chips 
8. Hard boiled eggs - great source of protein and healthy fats
9. Dark chocolate- Did they say chocolate? Yes we did!
10. Fruit/ veggie smoothie

Leave us a comment with your favorite clean eating snacks and recipes!

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