Sunday, January 18, 2015


What is “#YogiPOV”? Yogi Point of View (POV) is  a networking platform for all you guys to inter-connect with one another and gain a better insight into what other guys in the #ErosSport community are all about.

Here at Eros Sport we feel that the more we can bring everyone together and share more about each other’s practices and aesthetics, the more everyone’s point of view will be seen and heard.  Creating awareness between yogis, various types of athletes and men is an important goal and on-going effort for us.

This is a section of our blog dedicated to all you guys who are part of the #ErosSport community where you can learn about each other’s background and practice.  The #ErosSport community is inclusive of all types of sports, not just yoga.  It can be calisthenics, training, MMA, kickboxing or any other sports you practice.

The whole purpose of this is to create a platform where all our #ErosSport community can interact with each other and be able to see what each other is all about, hence the name #YogiPOV.

Dont’ forget to use the #YogiPOV on your photos so we can see what your practice is about.

Thank you all for being a part of Eros Sport!


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