Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Gym Essentials

There’s nothing worse than showing up to the gym unprepared. Whether it be forgetting your socks or heads phones, forgetting the essentials can put quite the damper on your work out. Here is a list of all the items you should always put in your gym bag:

A good pair of headphones or ear buds
Music has been proven to help motivate you before and during your workout. Your favorite tunes can really help put you in the zone for your hardest training.
Your water bottle
Aim for a bottle that holds more than 32 ounces. It is vital that you keep yourself hydrated during your workout. You can even make it a goal to not leave the gym without finishing the whole bottle.
A towel
Most people recommend bringing two towels: A larger one while using machines and mats, and a smaller one for wiping your face.
Extra pair of socks
This might sound unnecessary, but having an extra pair in case or even having the option to change pairs during a workout, makes packing them along worth it. 
Pre-workout: peanut butter & banana slices on toast, dried fruits & nuts or an energy gel.
Post workout: protein shake, sliced apple & string cheese, or a protein bar.
Shower items
If your gym offers showers, take advantage and bring your towel, flip-flops, body wash and shampoo along. There’s no better feeling than showering right after a workout.
Extra clothing to change
No one wants to leave the gym in their sweat-drenched clothes, therefore, don’t forget to bring an outfit to leave the gym in confidence.

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